About us

Shine Enterprises provides vehicle financing and Insuarance to meet customer needs and we have wide range of options and products to suit your requirements.We can design and offer financial and Insuarance solutions to customers based on their individual needs with speed and flexibility.

Commercial Vehicle Financing

For commercial vehicle financing that's right for you, visit our office and experience the difference.


  • Refinance for vehicles up to 15 years old
  • Flexible Options
  • Easy Documentation at your place
  • Third Party settlement
  • Tyre Loans to Existing customers
  • Top-up Loans to Existing customers
  • Quick Processing
  • Customer rated for Pre-approved exposure


  • Age  must be not less than 21 years and not more than 60 years.
  • Based on the customer’s business activities, they are classified into normal, low & negative categories. Funding decision will be based on the activity profile.

Assets Covered

  • Funding shall be applicable from Small commercial vehicle to Multiaxle vehicle.
  • Shine Enterprises catagorises the assets into normal, low & negative based on market Receptivity & resale value prospects for the subject clause of the vehicle


  1. Normal Scheme
  2. Third party settlement-Endorsed vehicle finance,free vehicle finance & take over of advance
  3. Tyre loan / Top-up advance


  • KYC papers
  • Income Proof
  • Property Proof
  • Repayment record
  • Asset documents
  • Insurance Policy